Friday, June 01, 2012

Commuting -- what is this?

Thursday and Friday he got back on the bike to commute to work. Very easy Thursday.
Group ride / commute Friday, feeling just tiered and kind of unmotivated. Getting home. Still in some not really improving pain and some motions felt worse than he would expect from just "bruised and banged" up. After showering he noticed an odd asymmetric look, right shoulder "hanging" a little low with a "bump". Is there some thing really wrong. Why did they not noticed by the Xrays after the crash? Getting enough concerned and having enough pain to decide for a late Friday night trip to the ER again.

While heading to the ER waiting room -- now that's funny AGB met at the ER: who is sitting there, GAB Karl and Tori.

This is how the FB thread on his picture developed while waiting for the ER doc. -- just to confirm what the power of the web already diagnosed same time or even ahead of time. "AC Separation, about grade 2". not even specified the grade in detail.

Py: If I am totally not stupid -- there is some thing wrong. ER visit with 3x X-ray can not see this?????
Friday at 8:46pm

J: Did you go to Brookhaven Hospital?
Friday at 8:47pm
Py: ER Stony Brook
Friday at 8:53pm

J: That definitely looks like a busted clavicle or separated "something"...
Friday at 9:10pm

JS: AC separation is the diagnosis.
Friday at 9:58pm
Py: At the ER again. And what does this mean with regard of riding?
Friday at 10:53pm


JS: Py, you have an AC separation. Google it. No treatment needed and you will always have the bump on that side.
Friday at 11:08pm

BD: Welcome to the club! I separated my shoulder last summer (2nd degree), so I have the same permanent disfigurement. If you are still riding tomorrow we'll have to compare our freakish collarbones.
y: Yikes... I will rest this weekend and still look forward to my big riding next Thu/Fri in the ALps. Will see. Have a good BBB ride.
Saturday at 1:43pm

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