Saturday, February 09, 2013

Blizzard Nemo

It seams not also Snow Storms are getting assigned names -- Blizzard Nemo hit in particular Eastern Long Island  with a huge load of heavy snow -- at it's peak between Selden ... Brookhaven covered in up to about 3ft of snow -- 34 inches official max. From stuck cars on the LIE and else where to for often over a full day unplowed roads. Py got home in time Friday afternoon from work to continue on some coding project while he had the idea to to a time lapse capture of the development -- starting with one shot/minute until midnight then 3 min interval shooting -- here is the result:

While the first hours of very wet snow Py decided to take care of his drive way and remove the 1st layer of icy wet mess to hopefully have a little easier time next day... Still a good job of shoveling on Saturday morning -- that storm dumped at peak 4..5in/hour!!! Hard to find a representative snow depth as reference -- varying from 20...35inches -- little lucky the drive way was a bit sheltered by the hedge on the side where the  wind was blowing in from!

After that done -- here Py stopped with the car full width digging actually at the still unplowed road! Later XC ski good in RP neighborhood....


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