Thursday, February 14, 2013


Once a year once again returning to the big mountain for a good day of Snowboarding at Klosters-Davos, Parsenn. As usual  taking the big Luftseilbahn Gotschnergrat all the way up with one half way lay over. A few warmup runs on the Klosters mountain side on 4a/b... before heading over the Schiefer and finding a pretty good queue at the Gondola to the Weissfluh with connection to the very top to find his favorite run No 1. A great day up there -- so must many other have thought today. To higher up and steeper black runs were not crowded at all, just the intermediate runs and the way up there. Early lunch, good idea to get a good seating, but the hope for less traffic at noon was kind of false. However, about 15min extra delay... still not to bad looking at a 35..40min ride all the way up -- depending on the timing to catch the connection gondola to the peak Weissfluh! Finishing the day with a good set of long runs, adding the Parsenn slope before descending all the way down to Klosters train station.


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