Sunday, March 17, 2013

EBs -- North

So... what is this. It's mid March. It's new snow on the ground. It's blowing some kind of Nor Easter. It's below freezing. Pretty much all day until noon. Roads at least clear and mostly dry, a few isolated shaded spots with frost or black ice early in the morning.


First time EBs in 2013 for Py. Meeting some of the usuals at the starting location KK/Manorville.


Heading on the North route. Full speed ahead... splitting off fairly quickly with just a few riders. Going hard, and near the limit. Loosing the few riders at the tanks while going hard into the wind, regrouping later -- good. Wind battling echolon formation.


Non-stop passing the Deli to Py's misfortune -- missing his planned refueling option. About 1/2 way back catching to much wind at last position after briefly pulling and falling back... running little low on gas, but still big solo effort to finish.

Super cold head wind on the last part riding back home.

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