Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finally, some ride worse posting - back to the old RP2IPBP-JP

Py was a little quite here lately. Simple as it was -- sick for two weeks, resting, starting slow finally on two wheels last week with a few miles and commuting to work.

Still darn cold here, snow again tonight -- winter seams never ending -- when is spring arriving? But good to get a decent mileage in this week and today. Having put away this FUGU jack before the winter vacation, and getting it back out these days -- uhhhg.

So last minute motivated by a friend putting on this ole RP2IPBP-JP ride for today. In the morning one rider down for some personal reasons... Waiting and hoping for a few others, eventually... circling around Tildas, slowly to stay a little warm -- always good to drop the average speed shown later by circles in the parking lot... but glad at least GIZ showed up.

Promptly with the clock tower bell leaving the lot towards Wading River happily surprised to see a team buddy rolling down the road and joining. So three lone figures rolling out East top see what there may be, it's a while...

Beyond by the winter broken up roads, nothing new. Coffee and warmup at Duffys. Heading back, cutting down speed a notch for G. May be a good thing to keep power down a bit today.

Good ride, thanks for getting out on the road today!


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