Sunday, October 06, 2013

GAB Team BBB like Century++ -- 0% rain???

It was supposed to be 0% chance of rain.... Rolling out at 7:07 on a damp morning to meet the team about 50 min later in Riverhead at the Court. Disturbingly and unexpectedly the road was getting wet. Weird.
Then with the team heading out for a good 100 mile ride -- not including the to/from parts.
Still wet, not any improvement but getting worse. Heading to the 1st Ferry, staying inside in that tiny cabin... rolling off -- even more rain set in. Oh well, so what... same at 2nd ferry... almost heavy rain for a while. Lunch stop in Sag Harbor. Then just keep moving back -- beyond a flat or dead tire fix and shopping for a new tire for Gorge. Taking the chance also to shop a few snack and bananas.

Back home -- logging 145 dirty miles.

Forecast -- totally wrong, more a total sandy wash.


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