Sunday, October 20, 2013

Queens to Bear Mountain and retur

What a beautiful fall day again got a great ride with friends :-)
Parking in Queens making the way over Queens Bridge (bike/ped path) -- if riders as people could eventually read signs and stay on there designated side?!??!? but guess it's NYC and no one cares...


Stop at a nice bike shop "Strictly Bikes" -- OK much better now after long awaited bathroom stop.


Then mostly on 9W making a good pace and all the way up to Bear.


Full size group image click here.

Little problem... Terris broke a spoke and ended up with a not field fixable bike for 10 miles... spare wheel at TOGA after short hitchhike for him.


and a busy routing across NYC... fun once in a while, but really no need for this every day.

Perfect and magnificent day for a ride, good group, nice alternative route, fun NYC crossing... thanks for getting it on :)

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