Saturday, April 05, 2014

Tour of the Battenkill

2014 ToB.
With two friends attempting to do the C5 race going up via a part way base Camp, dinner. Checking bikes and on last race updates.
A night of heavy rain. Overcast. Chilly. Windy, increasingly gusty.
Getting ready. And go -- rolling out neutral...


Going with ease in the pack. Moving up as approaching the Covered bridge and first dirt -- slick, manageble... Pack is moving at good speed this time! Well under control and no issues on that one early descent slight right hand turn.

This time and unexpected early race deciding or too big of an gap generating delays due to some riders screwing up in a little loose dirt on Juniper Swamp causing a traffic jam, forced to unclip and needed to deal for too long with limited power transfer while not properly clipped in due to dirt in Speedplay pedals...

Then chasing on and after a group of about 11 off and ahead of us...

Not much happening, dominating every climb with ease to the top... and doing a good share of work if not the biggest all the way to the finish. On the last dirt climb shaking off most of the contenders sitting in.

Taking the last turn about 400m before finish line as 12th -- finishing 16th.


Quick summary:

Cold windy soggy dirt... Epic. Finished 16th in a small chase group as about 12 got away. Not sure when but had a little trouble on a dirty climb stalled behind guys falling left and right due to getting stuck in lose dirt on Juniper Swamp and had to unclip ending up with dirt in cleats not able to clip in for a while. Then chasing.... Though but great race.

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