Monday, April 14, 2014

Tour of New England - S5 - New Paltz explorations of "secret" roads Py should not even show...

What a amazing warm day to wake up and start driving for part one of the day. Could be summer! Heading towards New Paltz and arriving by about 11:30am -- getting ready to roll.

The classic LI escape route to start with -- but wait... Py already a few times suggested and wanted to do this and check out some promising looking but uncertain terrain -- be ready to take on some more "Paris Roubeaux" -- may be!

No photos today, keeping it a little secret. [Thanks to this ridiculous MAC OS X not capable to actually delete trash on a SD card]

Just that much -- totally ridable, and even more worse doing so to find some hidden treasures of roads.

Any one with me next time?

Dinner at The Gilded Otter, relaxed drive back to LI.

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