Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beaver Creek Explorations -- Dead End and Gravel Roads

On a busy trip to a conference ICN+T in Vail, CO. Py took the chance to rent a road bike and go for a quick lunch ride to explore Beaver Creek.
Setting up the rental bike with pedals..., a pretty nice (for a rental) aluminium GIANT Defy. Surprisingly light and a nice ride! Quick checking it out around the resort, then heading out on Frontage road heading West next to I-70. A fast run slightly downhill narrowing into a beautiful bike path next to Gore Creek!
For a moment confused at the junction 24/6. Hooking up with two other riders heading towards Beaver Creek for a few miles. Then taking the climb up into Beaver Creek resort. Continuing the road until it's end -- or transition into gravel, not suitable for this ride and not in the mood of experimenting with rental bike. After finishing a banana, returning into town and figuring out how far the other road may go up paved.... same thing, this time ending or transitioning into dirt at the base of a lift service station or such. Asking a local worker about any other eventual paved options -- try "Batchelor Gulch Road" -- so Py did. Very nice little longer climb, virtually zero traffic, nice scenery and vistas. Heading to the end, then trying the "left hand" fork road, actually continuing up to little beyond 2600m over a crest and descending -- should be possible be get to Beaver -- but ending at a closed gate, no time left for more experiments and returning.

20140722_105137.jpg IMG_20140722_130205.jpg
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