Thursday, July 24, 2014

State Bridge at the Colorado River

Free afternoon after a few great morning sessions about SPM.


Same bike again, still setup up and ready to roll. Thanks to the shop mech. Conveniently located right inside the meeting complex. Simple route, out and back -- Vail - State Bridge - Vail.

Rolling out same way but this time beyond the Bottom of Beaver Creek towards the junction Colorado 6 and 131 -- filling up water. A scenic bypass over Wolcott Pass. A nice moderate climb with tailwind... and a very fast descent down to State Bridge. Quick stop after passing the bridge over the Colorado River. And just that moment a long cargo train was approaching....
Then returning the same route. Climbing Wolcott Pass on the steep side into a nasty head wind, then descending with a massive need to pedal to keep momentum as bad the head wind was! Back down at the junction, quick rest stop and Cappuccino -- a good one and just 3 bucks -- then heading on back at good speed, feeling great! Nice 65miles done.

 20140724_114735.jpg 20140724_115240.jpg 20140724_122252.jpg 20140724_121429.jpg 20140724_124637.jpg IMG_20140724_124822.jpg 20140724_125206.jpg 20140724_125052.jpg 20140724_125115.jpg 20140724_163515.jpg

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