Sunday, August 17, 2014

Low Flying Early Birds -- South

Just a Sunday morning, slightly overcast, a little moist early morning »chill« in the air and still low sitting sun while riding out South-East to the Birds start.

A long not seen great big group gathered, let's let the fun begin! Py did not got a head count but at least 15..20 in the A group. Ryan putting in a monster startup pull with his aero helmet... So far just enjoying a fun ride and chattn a little watching things from behind with the Rapha rider. At Dune road a few put the hammer down a bit and the pace heated up to moving at good 50km/h most the time. This soon shattered the group and a few moved up front maintaining it, Py included -- all the way to the bridge. Here at the reassembly.

Then moving on with a few more good moves to the 7-11. And back -- with a little drizzle and moist roads. What a ride -- the South route at just a notch under 40km/h average.

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