Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tour of the Catskills -- Mission Abort

Py was as well prepared as possible, all set and ready. Some hope to put in a good start with a good ITT. Thursday night, car packed, ready to roll. But it all came different within hours:

 This is about the development starting Friday 2am: Feeling bad, stomach upset. Py was not sure what but some he eat must have been eventually not good or a bad combination -- some what puzzled. After multiple times vomiting, not find a second to sleep -- his stomach must be mostly empty by that time. Not a good preparation for the ITT. Beyond that a some what very uncomfortable disturbing feeling in his throat (some thing stuck reverse in there?) made Py as concerned that he decided to drive around 4am to the Stoney Brook Hospital ER.
Great. Still having hopes they can clear this "mechanical issue??" up as he in general felt better.
But time was moving to fast vs. actions taken. He was supposed to be at the Tour of the Catskills, a 3 day stage race Fr-Sun, by the time he got discharged around noon. However, they could not see it so they did a Endoscopic check what seamed finally to resolve it -- with narcotic side effects not allowed to drive that day any more - great. At that time back home with the help of friends -- the 1st stage was over. Py was hoping to recover over night as I could eat carefully but normally in the evening and had a good feeling about starting with stage 2 on Saturday what would have worked out. He left at 6am Saturday morning but started feeling sick/hot/warm/cold more and more and some what not right in the car about 1/2 an hour on the LIE and made a hard but only right decision to return back home. Laying down on my sofa almost all day... snap. Initially Py though some thing with his Thursday dinner was odd even been totally puzzled what. Now it seams clear it must have been some virus -- fit's into the time scale of his recent conference travel -- returned last Sunday night.

So that much about the Tour of the Catskills what was supposed to be Py's highlight or biggest race of the year. To sum it up in one word:  < s u c k s >;

Sorry folks, Py wished he could have joined the fun and contributed again with a set of race photos as possible.

Big thumbs up and thank you to Chuck at the Fairlawn Inn in Hunter, NY where Py had a reservation for waiving any reservation fees! I nice move and reward for year by year returning to Py's favorite place to stay :)

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