Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of 2014

So done for 2014? -- no, not quite yet -- this needed to be done to finished up the #Festive500.

* Rapha Festive 500 wrap up *
Now that was a little tricky to get done under some boundary conditions as a late start on December 25th, noon for the first counting kilometers due a total wash out until the sky in a hurry cleared up on 25th by about 11am after a few days of pouring rain with high winds.

Dec 25th:  132.7km solo ride.

Dec 26th: 139.3km solo+Kreb Shop ride+solo-stop at work-solo ride home.

 Dec 27/28th:  CX race weekend at Sunken Meadow 19.7+24.7km (incl. warmup).

Dec. 29th: -/- due to work obligations not even the planned on lunch ride happened :(

Dec. 30th: morning commute with extra loop 34.4km + commute into night with lights 46.2km + Zwift Island test lap after fixing up power tap 8.1km

Dec. 31st: fishing it up 102.8km.

About 100km to go. So let's roll.
A brisk sunny but fairly chilly day -- but hey, with the right jacket, and extra booties just fine for a great solo ride. Not in any hurry, just finish it up and on the last miles rolling back into town get some local shopping done for a great dinner!

Total: 508km

But please also see previous posts for key rides of the past festive days.


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