Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas -- what a present by mother nature!

A little little new here, but don't worry -- still riding on, just a little shifted priorities :-)

After almost a week of dull, foggy, wet and heavy rain... all sudden in a snap with the help of good sustained winds the Island seaming "dived out of the mess" within an hour and the sun popped up on a blue sky and on top of it still temperatures unusual high topping out at 10 degrees C! Almost not even thinking about a ride in the morning a quick decision and rolling out just before noon with still partially wet roads, but just fine. About 4 hours to go until sun down -- so estimating to get about 120km in heading out East on proven roads extending a little East.... What a fun flight out Easy with some NW tail wind! At about 45min into the ride already at Iron Pear Beach... Woa! Continuing planning on returning via Cutchogue after a little furthe out East loop -- turning around about about 1h45. Well -- the return will take a little longer.

A photo posted by Percy Zahl (@pyzahl) on

A photo posted by Percy Zahl (@pyzahl) on
Merry Christmas!!!
A photo posted by Percy Zahl (@pyzahl) on

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