Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tour of the Catskills Stage Race -- the last of it's kind -- Stage Two: Circuit

ToC stage 2: Circuit.

Trying to get a real good warmup as expecting a the 3's to shatter things up right away at the early and only major climb. Chatting with some German Cat 3 racer at the start... And off we go. Well, regardless so it happened. The climb split it up good. And with that wind no chance to chase any where near back on. Afer a while assembling a good 4 rider group TTTing the way. Dropping one/picked on up... kind of easy 2nd climb was attempt to stay together. Then merging with 4 other dropped/etc. Cat3's taking over some good work. Finishing in a group of 8 about 8 full minutes behind.

20150731_202534.jpg 20150801_095147.jpg


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