Sunday, August 02, 2015

Tour of the Catskills Stage Race -- the last of it's kind -- Stage Three: Road Race -- the Devil awaits!

ToC stage 3:

Good breakfast at the Inn. And a easy ride from the Fairlawn Inn, Hunter to the start next town in Tannersville. Sign in. Depositing a bottle and obsolete base layer.

Here a few pictures, and a rider in a nice KOM jersey. Staging and go. Rolling out neutral, but kind of fast already. Then a fast field flying slightly down the road to a 1st key climb again splitting it all up. Py had a plan to get a little more buffer moving up front, but run out of time not finding the right timing to a) eat a little before that because of at times sketchy road with need to speed control and no good to take even just one hand of the bars to grab a bite. When finally managed that the climb was already almost there and Py could not move up enough to eventually have a little more buffer. So ending up a pretty much one other rider and many more stragglers behind.... The 17 year old CAT3 kid in bib 360. Well nice riding, but hardly racing any more. Then though he may take off at the Devil, but did not and got little behind. Fun to meet Joe... many thanks for coming up and cheering on the race -- there could have been more spectators, but instead more annoying cars than spectators sneaking into the actually closed road!

20150802_084053.jpg 20150802_090821.jpg 20150802_110531.jpg 11800312_10153595439579015_96405161295244292_n.jpg 11265153_10153595439584015_1875547603811711509_n.jpg

The finish line, good to see.

Final Result: GC 23rd, 6h 18m 17s

 Special Thanks to...

- The Race Organizer and all the Helpers and Volunteers for running this great event under constrained conditions.

- The officers along the race to keep us safe.

- The Innkeeper Chuck to allow me to get back to my room to have a shower on Sunday afternoon.

- And to Joe for inviting me over at the end of the day!

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