Saturday, June 25, 2016

Catskills Touring - Day 1

Py's two day ride: 2nd edition 2016 New Paltz to Hunter and return.

Historically this started with a great small group of riders from Tannersville for a big some way 100+ miles like all day and climbing/descending fun in the Catskills Park -- having the great training ride for the upcoming Tour of the Catskills stage race (also history unfortunately) in mind. Some what very sadly hard to impossible to find riders for some real road riding fun :(

The very first edition, tons of fun pushing the pace with Nick and Benjamin:

And the follow year's variant, a little different:

And then the 1st time out there solo due to the lack of riders, making it a two day self supported ride:

Just a little photo story along the way of day one on very well known terrain after some years exploring this beautiful park... So please do not hesitate to contact Py if you feel up to a picturesque riding challenge, happy to lead.

Starting point is New Paltz heading towards the Minnewaska pass. The via Pine Bush later on Rogue Harbor Rd (little dirt road) along Rondout Reservoir to the Yeagerville climb. This usually nice road was just recently "sanded" all the way up and down, what kind of is no fun to ride on. Then after a sketchy descent on that tiny gravely road cover finally on that beautiful Peekamouse Rd climbing gently in a well shaded and cool river valley before descending again down to the Ashokan  Reservoir and cutting over a long way towards Woodstock tackling a short ugly feeling climb on Cold Brook. Quick stop in Woodstock for a snack and enjoying some seemingly never ending festival of sounds in that famous town. With that it's a easy way to the final test of endurance on Platte Clove with pretty much ride finish and dinner in Tannersville. However, few more miles to Py's favorite Fairlawn Inn in Hunter for the night stay.


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