Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 10 - Davos

Monday he decided to check out Davos, one of the biggest terrains in Graubünden.

Here an about 200 degree view from Weissfluhgipfel:

This is the run #4 left of the Parsenn Standseilbahn track on right:

This nice shorty just for a warmup of the day...

The challenging long run from top of Weissfluhgipfel (2844 m) #1-#17-#21-#22 all the way down to Schifer (1562 m) over various terrain turned into Py's most favorite ride -- he could enjoy 20..30min riding at decent speed without any stopping :-)

Just after passing "Kreuzweg":

The long ride back to the top via the gondola "Schiferbahn" (here a view at it by the end of the day from the final "Talabfahrt" #21 lower section):

and the big Gondel "Gipfelbahn"

takes a total of about 30 minutes! And is a welcome break and always good for a quick snack in the gondola.

Here, at Berghaus Schifer, he spend his lunchtime. All kind of good local food is served on the sun terrace :-)

Snowboard parking

View from the sun terrace...

Schiferbahn Station for the ride back up to do it again...

He did several more runs down to Schifer and variations this day and finished the day with one of the longest rides possible here...

Here a view from the short flat section leaving the path to Schifer continuing on #21, not taking #22... look at the crisp the Moon:

and back at the split of the #21/#22 at the lower left here:

This is about the middle of the ride from Weissfluhgipfel (2844 m) down to Klosters Dorf (1124 m) strait into the train station. -- This is a vertical drop of 1720 m (5'643 ft) -- he has no clue how many miles that are -- several!

And boarding the train of the Rhätische Bahn in a few minutes.

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