Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trevor's #11 -- the last one for the season

Proceeding with Trevors ride. Due to weather, cold, ice the ride started 9:30, Py anticipated to join the slower group today starting at 9:15 and to ride "into" them to join at about 1/2 way -- so he also started out 9:15. It was sunny and cold (just not freezing any longer) this morning. Snow and ice on the sides, roads mostly clear and dry, just a few wet/icy patches -- but a dirty mess of salt, sand and gravel all over -- a nasty mix with wet patches from melting snow.

At about half way he wondered where they are... no rider in sight so far, he proceeded and almost all the way out to 112 he saw a group, but the fast 9:30 group coming up -- slow, some trouble behind. He joined them, no choice. They were moving fast, very fast and he was riding close to his limit, but made it all the way out east -- the group was small, just 8 riders, cruising at or over 40km/h at times and several sprints in between let Py suffering to hang on, also the little group was split up in 4/4 or 4/2/2 with some distance in between at times -- that was a pain for Py, not to say he was not riding for 2 weeks his bike o-)
One more (or to many) sprint into the wind at South St... he got behind, kept them in sight until turning into Moriches, but that's it... and he was on his own, but completed the full ride, in pain.

104 km.

Back at RP, he stopped by at Tildas to get a little reward :-)

Home, geschafft.

Now that dirty salty bike needed a warm water wash and wipe down...

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