Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 9 - Arosa again

And back to the Alps the night before, he continued the fun in the mountains this Sunday -- the weather still unchanged awesome sunny and clear with still plenty of snow at high altitudes. However, the original idea of a Snowshoe and Snowboard tour was revised due to lack of (fresh) snow at lower altitudes. He felt very bad and sorry this morning for his friend, he really forgot to inform about recent plans about going to Arosa in time -- there were so many things going on and he was busy, not even found the time to check E-mail daily.

Some goofing around the morning... they got late, so what, it's vacation ;-)

Starting over with the red run #7 from Weisshorn for warm-up (here in thee Alps red is intermediate, blue easy (better avoid) and black included the most fun steeps....):

Watching flying powder in the sun while having a Coffee break...

*** Just for memories ***
This is how Arosa could also look a like... (Feb. 2006):

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