Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cross Training, Winter alternatives and troubled Waters

Last days Py got back to alternative additional or part substitutional training. Still riding to/from the Camp Monday and Tuesday and adding the lunch time run "Bluestone 10k" on the Camps back roads to his schedule. This run in particular, just his second run (he stated running again just the week before) since the LI Corporate Challenge 3 1/5mi run..., turned w Terry into some pretty fast one with increasing pace to the end -- no precise timing, but he was back under 40min and had fun getting up the stairs after that one... and still had to ride home his bike at the end of the day just before sun set, what surprisingly was less troublesome than expected after all that -- the bike muscles seamed left unimpressed :-)

Regardless -- on Wednesday he took it easy and used his four wheeled steel enclosed gasoline powered four stroke engine equipped vehicle to reach the Camp. It was a nice day. He intended to do some swimming in the pool but missed the 1st lap swim time slot and decided to do a just before sun set swim at his favorite beach "WRB" at the LI Sound -- may be the last one out there for the season. The water was surprisingly warm and there were some good waves coming in from East. Py is not the best fish so far and just starts to work on his skills to do this right and some how efficient. Some breast strokes mixed with some it may get into crawl some time... but so far more splashing and swallowing salt water... However, 20min splashing around several laps parallel to the beach into and with the waves made him a bit tiered and he got out and quickly got to his towel... as the air was not so warm any longer.

On his drive home he just wanted to get a few grocery items form the near by KK, but as there that day were only old left overs of veggies and other "non-fresh" items left, even he tried hard to find reasonable fresh things and so wasted time and spend way tooooo long in this freaking cold section, that's seamed not helping either keeping things fresh but as it turned out later made Py little sick as he still was not fully dry on his head and only had a Tee on, argrrrr.

Next day NOAA called for rain at end of day lasting into the whole weekend, also Py did felt an upcoming cold -- stupid KK -- and on Friday he stayed in his bed most of the day -- sick o-(

Saturday he felt much better, still very wet warm, humid and raining heavy at times. Decided to go for an easy swimming and crawl experiment into the warm pool at the Camp... that was very nice, even he swallowed more water (and Cl chemical this time -- he honestly prefers salt water to that), some GXSM hacking and chilln' for the rest of the day.

Py is not a fish... but some humans try to... may be some time he gets a bit closer?

Studying swimming techniques....

And BTW -- no Birds for Py tomorrow, rain or shine -- still not back to 100%.

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