Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stupid design or assembly

We nite hill ride was on Py's plan today again. He had exactly 15min from putting his shoes on to catch up with the We nite hill ride group on the 25/WadingRiverManor Rd crossing... so he sprinted out of the Camp all the way and took a virtual chase of an virtual rider at warp speed going east on 25 with just 6min left to go after winding out of the Camp and flying over the short Cross part... hitting over 40km/h for a good stretch. Just getting the light on 25 in sight the group passed over quite exact 15min after he started out o-( Just catching the last green he passed cars and turned in WRM Rd, no one noticed him so far, even yelling from too far away :-(
Alright... FullSpeedAhead the virtual chase turned into a real one for about little over one mile until he caught them and could ease up to comfortable speed just hanging on for a while to recover.
But not for long, down hill on North Country into Wading River, turning at some speed into Remsen up hill. Taking the lead for the first uphill while one rider passed and took over -- but he is hanging on and pulled over to the front again at the last up hill on this 1st section of the hill sprint and finished leading all the very fast run down to WildWood SP. Climbing back following and taking over again... repeat on NC up to RP... a good fast pull.
Somehow he still has soem uncomfortable pressure on his feets, just where the cleats are, this came slowly and seam to worsen lately -- some thing seam wrong with the shoes -- really no fun.

Back home he had a deeper look into it:

Quite some gap and missing support just in the center behind the cleat mount and a under pressure quite uneven surface (may be slowly shifted over time??) -- that sucks and needs to be fixed. Cleaning it all off fixing the unsupported holes behind and left/right of the mount with a two layers of double sided 3M padded tape and realigning that original padding on top it now looks and feels all smooth again:

Has to be tested.

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