Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Birds

Early Sunday morning once again Py got up a quarter to five, it was still all dark. Preparing breakfast -- he got a bit upset about his egg, as it popped open while cooking and all the yellow came out. Well getting ready, he initially planned on driving to the start, but as he was ready by 6:30am and it was already enough light to ride -- sun rise would be in about nine minutes -- he decided to ride to the start again, it should turn into a great comfortable day, later so. Did not felt to cold outside, reading 13C at his porch, he put a long sleeved jersey on top.

What he not yet noticed at his place, there was a lot of mist in the air coming down or evaporating just that time of the day. Moving faster -- more wind chill, and this wind chill was one of the worsed he ever felt. That evaporation cooling works really great, but made him shivering, fingers freezing and toes getting cold -- unbelievable -- looking forward to reach the start and warming up a bit at the "Golden Bow".

Not far from the start, but not yet there it looked like this, stopping really felt good, as with no wind he nicely warmed up a very tiny bit.

From Early Birds

At the start a few were already there. Two more shivering riders came riding to the start, suffering the same cold experience. However, it will warm up soon. In the meantime a total of eight birds showed up, a small good group -- as the "Tour de Hamptons" was the same day. They decided on North, should be warmer.

7:34 already, time to roll....

A good stable pace soon developed and they efficiently rode into the more rising sun, still a bit chilly, but already much better. They basically just stopped shortly after the tanks run and for some reason skipped the Deli stop and kept going, until T got a flat at the last section.

From Early Birds
From there the usual fast uphill section and a flying pace with constant rotation (sprint to the front) developed and they came back the parking. Just one newer bird got little behind shortly after the hill but made it back in a few minutes later. A perfect team ride. A good time -- they made it back by 10:11.

Ride Statistics -- group average of 37.6km/h:

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