Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Trevors today -- acrtic temperature threshold underrun

Py got up this morning at with the intention to join on to Trevors ride en route at Rocky Point to get the sun up a little further -- hoping temps were going above -5C/24F around 9am... but just does not looked like it this will happen, was is still -10C/14F and there are cold spots en route still showing currently 8F!!!! Forcast said not above 20F by 10am and not above 25F at all all day....

He decided to stay save and warm at home for a while, not taking chances getting sick and messing up his upcoming vacation and he he also did not intended to ride in his Snowboard outfit.

Around late noon the temperature actually surpassed the forecast max of -5C and reached almost 0C, working on some web project for a while... it got 1430 in the meanwhile and Py decided on a quick spin and to test his bike drive train, as he cleaned all the gunk out of it and readjusted the shifting, what was bad lately. Still, precision positioning of the rear derailleur was some how not to get perfect for every gear, but it worked again without that sticky slow down shifting wit some frozen?!?!? water and other crap in the cables and guides...

A little variant -- all the way out to Wildwood, proceeding a bit East on Sound and looping around and back in a not yet done variant:

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Well, still really cold, back home at -3C. Five new WP Points. Good for that conditions.

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  1. Woke up with the same intentions, but I didn't have the courage to brave it.