Saturday, January 10, 2009

RP2IPBP - darn cold ride into some flurries...

One more good ride just before he next snow is hitting the island. Not much to say today, just feeling really cold, the cold seams to creep inside the riding suit more than ever before, toes and fingers just at the edge of any comfort.... and his face got little frozen the at the beginning on a few fast down hill sections. At Littleflower two more riders joined in today:

And on the way back on Mill the first flurries were falling... nice to see and no trouble at all, as long as the road stays dry -- what it did until the finish.

Ride stats:

Too cold today for extra loops to get one more point. He hot twelve, good enough for today's situation, intens enough ride. Would have needed two more to get to 300.... next unit will do the trick for sure.

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