Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frozen Island

The day started out at record low temperatures with -4F / -20C at the Southshore and Bay area. Py disregarded some initial plans of riding CP as non of his buddies was interested or available for a sub freezer temp. ride in some snow. Instead Py did a sight seeing and shopping tour. Driving out to Belloport checking out the frozen Bay with some great views over a mirroring fully frozen Bay all the way to Fire Island.

from Bellport

from Bellport Marina.

Just close to Kreb Cycle -- where he stopped by for a visit later.

And a little further West

from Bellport, Howell Point


A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

180 degree view starting looking East (left) to Fire Island (South/center) all the way to West (right).


Just Found on the Web and want to share... at Cyclocross Magazin:

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