Sunday, March 08, 2009

Early Birds North - #1 Season kick off ride

Sunday is again EBs day, it would have been last Sunday, the first Sunday of March, but this did not happened as Ice and Snow was on the roads, and thus today was the first EBs ride of the season.

While some of the EECT riders went at very early hours to the Spring Race Series at Central Park starting crazy early at 6am with the sun still far below the horizon -- it just switched to day light saving time this Sunday --  Py finished his breakfast and got ready to ride to the Early Birds start at Manorville at 8am, with just dawn coming up and enough light to see -- sun rise was 7:15am today, he rolled out at 7am leaving 15 minutes room to the start. He arrived to the meeting location at 7:45 and just the first riders were showing up, a small goup assembled, more or less the EBs core of the not racing riders.

They started out on the North route

a nice good pace developed and Py did a good part of the work today. The usual thing, out to the Tanks, quick waitup at the usual parking lot, scenic ride at the rural and agriculture and wine yards close to the North Shore and the Deli stop in Cutchogue. Time to warm up with a cup of coffee -- very good place and you still get a coffee for one dollar :-)

Still a very little chilly as the sun did not realy made it out - compared to yesterdays stellar weather. Proceeding the way back home, more work, some head wind. Going South West on Grathwohl Rd, a lot of shattered sharp shell fragments on the road, Py learned that Seagulls throw them there to crack em open.... scary for tires, but all went fine. Further following the scenic road close to Peconic Bay all the way to Riverhead. Taking the path at Peconic inlet -- where are the cobbles gone -- Py was wondering???? Just gone, so he could not test the bike on some cobbles... to bad. From there a long pull back all the way on 51 until 111.

Nice start into the season.

Stats -- total of 129km or 80mi:

Time and Distance cumulated at various speed zones

This increases Py's WP balance by 17 points.

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