Sunday, March 15, 2009

EBs South -- #2

First Early Birds South Route ride of the year :-) Py got up early and was positive surprised by the fact that the predicted -2C for the morning were wrong and it was +4C instead at 6am with an expected max of about 8C for the day, full overcast and more or less no wind, but little chilly feeling humidity in the air. Not to bad, as it was all dry -- there was also a slight chance on sleet/snow, but not any longer -- very good.

Proceeding with his regular weekend breakfast in all patience -- still pitch dark outside.


Just little after onset of dusk Py left the cosy home at 7:01am for an easy warm up spin to the parking and meeting place at the KK Manorville. A quick stop for a tree en route.... one more rider showed up on his way to the start and many more should gather within the next minutes and surprisingly a few of the EECT racers came out for a longer training ride instead of going to NYC this morning including the 2x winner of last Sunday's races at Central Park.


At 8am they rolled out South with very gradually increasing and steady pace. This was very nice steady moving all the way out and just as good, even if a bit faster averaging about 39km/h on Dune Rd. But before getting there a quick flat fix stop...


A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

The group kept moving very steady and J took a long pull. A few split off shortly before the 7-11 coffee stop. Py took a few longer pulls from there. Nice ride today. And then finished up his day ride with his way back via NC. 16 WPts. 124km.

Ride stats:

Time and Distance cumulated at various speed zones


  1. Hi Percy!

    This is your old friend Holger from military service! I see, you are still biking, he? :)
    I will send you an email and have fun in the states!


  2. Hey man, good to hear from you! Where are you now?