Friday, December 25, 2009

Cross Training and fun

26.3" of snow, that is the official number the Blizzard 2009 of last Saturday dropped in the Island -- a one night record since recording at Upton!

Not that Py was prepared, but alway wanted to own his own XC ski setup, so he quickly managed to get one and next day headed out for a test and then checked out Wildwood SP for some really nice lap of XC with a friend. Amazing good condition for this Island!


And on his way home he picked up a Bird Feeder and some food for the Tweeties, and installed it at home. A little unconventional 3-Point suspended construction to prevent swinging.


And sure, he picked a strategic good spot to conveniently watch the tweeties from his couch :-)

First visitor, looks like a woodpecker:


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