Saturday, December 19, 2009

RP2IPBP - the return just before the blizzard

Py needed to get moving again, some improvisations and go...

Well, major issue was to find a working combination of bike outfit fitting over this damn cast contraption. Some last minute looking and goofin around, and a working combination was found and on after some struggling.
Just good in time to Tildas, meeting Doug and a few more riders shown, also Owen stopped by on a different ride mission to say hello.
Starting out with four riders, one more joined a minute later and the five were on a go. Py still undecided if he would do it or cut off short -- what would be trouble some in case of a flat.... riding worked out quite well, just a bit uncomfy and little less great bike control. Decided to go for it. One of the riders took off 3/4 out east on a different route and G went back just before Doctors.
The remaining three proceeded East and finished Doctors but skipped the out and back part to the beach, just nasty cold wind. Water was getting icy...


Water was getting slushy... time to get back, good moving, back before noon and just before the first flurries started coming down. -- Let the blizzard hit now.

Felt really good the fresh air on known route -- 74km -- 2h30 -- 10 WPts :-)


  1. ... and this darn thing + 8 pins will go Monday so is the hope and plan ...