Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recovering from wrist surgery, porch trainer rides, getting inventive

More missed real rides, a great day, even very cold and windy. Still recovering from surgery. And what really makes Py a bit unhappy and concerned, is that his thumb -- it was perfectly fine before surgery -- still is almost fixed, little numbish, kind of blueish and feels funny, a bit like a sleep. However, he hopes it is "only" these dumb (potentially useless???) pins into his distal radius... well, counting down, 9 days more suffering until the next hopefully much better phase of recovery with pins out.


In the mean while, trying his best to hang on.... with boring hours on now his own new trainer, big thx to Craig for lending him his previously. Well, while spinning along on the porch, he made up all kind of ideas how to improve the situation and make it more interesting and meaningful.

First step to his own home add-on Computer-DSP-Trainer with Power reading and more numbers of interest, including climbing data such as elevation and a virtual computed speed at grades other than 0%:


Today, a first real 1 hour test ride with DSP/Computer attached. Average Power of 206 Watts, several 2 minute intervals at 300W (well, that starts to hurt) and a few burst tests (little hard/unstable free hand) but got up to about 650W for short periods.

Work in progress, adding the virtual ride using 3D scenery via Google Earth hookup to this system.... stay tuned here for his progress on this. Nothing is impossible, adding more riders, real or simulated, draft, wind.....

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