Sunday, April 18, 2010

Early Birds North again - flying with Gerald

Py was glad to see it actually dried off over night as he checked the conditions 6am in the morning. Looked like it would get a good day and he swapped the EC90SL off his bike in favor of the Shamals. Not taking the heavy all day and rain rig again today :-)

Still waiting for his new glasses... dropping in rubber lenses -- not his favor lens type for riding, but no alternative. Taking the yellow (non prescription) glasses and stuffing the sun glasses in his rear pocket. And a whole lot of other stuff [CO2, valve, tube, tool, camera, Cliffbar, phone, money] he may need... pretty stuffed, putting the team jacket on top. Rolling off at 7:02am, moving well on 25A -- good tailwind, wow... easing up, no point getting there so early. He always likes the quiet Line Rd for a stop.


A fine group assembled... but soon about six found them selfs far off in front pushing good into the cross winds. Flying over The Tanks to the reassembly area. But did not lasted long from there until they were down to a few again... Stop at the unfortunately closed Deli in Cutchogue.


Getting warm and bright now with the sun. Changing glasses, rearranging items, needed to fill tolls in empty bottle to make pocket room for the jacket... Good tip, Gerald!

And back home, catching up with a few early started from the stop... and kept pushing. The gently uphill on 51 separated the group again and finally down to 1 + 3... G. >won< with a slight gap.

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