Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lucarelli and Castaldi Cup 4/24 & Ride to Century

Saturday 4/24 very early Py went again to Brooklyn, Prospect Park to find out what the Lucarelli and Castaldi Cup is about. At about 6:30a 4 GABs at the start line.


9 laps to go for the CAT 4 field, two intermediate sprints and two KOM sprints up that little inclined section.

The second KOM points attempt worked out fine for GABs, they were all together lined up and Py helped out going up the road to the very front of the pack and Rob managed to jump ahead to come in 2nd with one KOM point -- very nice :-)

Big riders pile up/crash towards the finish sprint in front of Py, but he stayed out of trouble as he disliked the bunch of riders ahead and kept away. However, one GAP rider ended up with road rashes and a broken fork.


1-2-3 finish...


Thank to George for driving today :-)

* * *

Part Two. Lunch back home. Swapping wheels to clinchers. Refilling bottles. Getting ready for a ride out East on the North Fork with Craig. Steady good pace, great work. Magnificent day. Got the max mileage out of it -- expecting rain on Sunday.


Saturdays total:
162km / 101mi @ 35.9km/h / 22.3mph.

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