Sunday, April 04, 2010

EBs N - coming and going - foggy - Easter Bunny Ride

Once in a while back to the Birds ride. Sunday morning, just normal, not too early... ghetting out at 7 for a easy spin to the ride start in Manorville. It was not too cold with 11C, but it was a lot of water in the air -- dense or more thick fog or mist -- what ever -- little droplets were quickly accumulating on Py's glasses and blurring the vision. Need for a regular wipe. Little unexpectedly, more South more bigger puddles were on the road -- the last rain storm was Tuesday -- weird. And the KK plot looked scary empty and dirty.


Just a very few riders were showing up on this Easter Sunday morning. So far beyond Py, Marco, Rick, Robin and John. Tom jumped on the ride just while crossing the LIE.

... cutting test footage, exporting, uploading ...

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