Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just keep pushing hard

Sunday, no birds for a few times -- but Empire State Games Training with the LI team and Gregg. Py left his house on his bike by 6am and took and easy ride to the start -- 27km, a good warm up, feeling alright, nice an "cool" feel with some 25C after that heat wave, just still a bit bothered seating :-( Meeting with the team or how even is available and our training and games official at 7am. The only picture so far with just a few of "us" (actually taken last Sunday).


Today basically one long haul out and back and repeat... on 24 for about 40 miles at some 40..41km/h average including the 180 deg turn arounds on public road -- moving speed is more in the 40..45km/h range. Starting out with TTT group of six, warmup, starting for the longer effort -- Py found this a notch too fast to sustain for longer, a little gap for short but it got adjusted quickly. Down to five around 8:40am (one had to leave for some reason). And towards the end a team of three left -- B, R and Py for the last 2 rounds. Not exactly sure how the other two are doing, one of the new riders cramped...

Riding home a little longer going easy via Mill as it is so nice and smooth. Back home around 1030.


Totals: 142km / 4h08

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