Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Heat index 99F or 37C with 50% humidity, that's too much. Py went out for a easy ride at about 7am, already 28C. Better no stopping and move fast..., riding out to Briermere Farms. Getting hotter. The (plain) water in his two bottles was warm if not hot. Stop at the Farm for little refresh. A small tray of Raspberries and a fresh (still warm) baked raisin scone.


Still early and not busy at all that place. Finding a big rock under a tree to sit on and finish up the scone and some of the berries. One water bottle was almost empty and served as a container for the left over berries -- just floating on little water. From there just strait back on Sound Ave via Wildwood with a stop at his favorite beach in Wading River. He got to the beach little before 10am -- already way way too hot. Jumping in the water felt so good. Spending about an good hour there -- enough sun. One last cool down. Rinsing off with chilled water from a very welcome water fountain... can hardly be wet enough in that heat. Just riding home the few miles via North Country for bare 15minutes and not half way all cooling water was gone...


Totals: 60 easy kilometers in possible record heat -- the well ventilated and shaded thermometer at his porch was showing 35 if not 36C and it was not yet noon!

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