Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kreb Friday Night Race

This Friday: 1 lap TT (optional) and 18 lap RR (A). Py skipped the TT lap... well, just a few faster warm up laps. Taking his helmet cam once in a while again along. Few pictures (by E.M.):


The GABs were present in a good number today. A number of breaks wet off and got caught up again. Always at least one of the GABs was going with or even started one.


With about 5 laps to go Py was sitting on Robs wheel as a group was drifting off -- Owen in it already. It was just approaching this little incline at good speeds the gap was significant but looked manageable to bridge... here the sequence, starting jumping around and away at km 35.71/0:52:49 -- peaking at 53km/h around km 36.31/0:53:35 for a while until catching up at km 36.78/0:54:13.


From then just a fast ride with the break to the finish -- coming in at 6th place.

Here a few more pictures:


Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race 2010/07/31, read more about it here: Team GAB News
[tech. notes:
-raw footage taken with VholdR HD 1280x720p @ 60fps, approx. 8GB/hour
-info: race time (hh:mm:ss), distance (km), speed (km/h), lap#, elevation (m), power** (W)
** Power estimated/computed from speed/elevation gain, assuming no drafting, means number is up to 30% too high if sitting in.]

Race average was: 41.0km/h

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