Sunday, August 08, 2010

Early Birds South - racing Dune road...

Sunday, not sure what to expect and how it would work out after all that last days racing and riding. But seamed the recovery, good food and some nap time on Saturday did the trick :-)
Even not really awake from the very beginning, Py felt better and found some energy reserves to the end of the ride to play and have fun. Also on Dune road Py had a good time flying fast...

Here a few snap shots shortly after leaving from the Seven-Eleven stop.


Good fast finish, easy ride home of usual route w Owen today.

Post ride notes:
Did you even noticed, I missed to format the initial letter to this post right. (fixed)
Do not know how I did this today -- after putting in (no posted, missed to write about it), so I do it now: a 22:08 3.5 mile run race on Tuesday w/o any good (>24h) recovery from previous racing and riding:

ESG: 22.-25th of July, easy ride 27th, 28th 71km commute and We nite hill ride training, 30th Fri Night Kreb Race, 31st Rp2IPBP, 1st EBs-N (kind of fast), 2nd 10k run (all pre race running I did on several month), 3rd 3.5mi run race, (you know how stairs are feeling after such unprepared stupidity), 4th recovery cyclo commute, 5th little hill ride at sun set, 6th Friday night TT (no wonder about the slowness), 7th a decent 2-rider RP2IPBP and this deadly EBsS pace today -- I was kind off part of pushing it... well -- a good nap felt so good.

Must be a good stage race training.

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