Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rocky Point / RCA Park loop

Still too tiered Saturday early morning at 5am and in need of a bit more recovery & sleep to make it to the Bellport ride -- went back to bed. Enjoying late breakfast at gorgeous weather on his porch. Getting done some house work.... already a bit thinking about the option for a late MTB ride, thinking about that since long already.
So the call for Gregg just came right -- he must have had a 3rd sense about that -- asking for a after noon MTB ride.

Checking up the old Hummer like Fully, pumping up the fat tiers just a bit -- about almost 5 times less pressure than the tubulars are getting!

A full-size photo is available to those with permission.

Rolling out of the house, always kind of nice this so smooth all bumps absorbing bike, but it needs some push to get up and to speed. The old rebuild shock still works great and does it's work preventing any whip while pedaling up hill -- but still, not a hard tail! However, just fun going for the rough stuff...
... a few snaps of a first test video going off road.


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