Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night Kreb Race - Circuit

Friday October the 13th. A beautiful day and evening -- finally the high humidity and heat mover out for a release. Looking good for one more Kreb Cycle Friday Night race.

Today: Kids race first, then regular circuit 20 laps to go.


A race -- possibly the fastest (for Py so far) -- plus it happened to be that Py got just off the start into a 4-rider break away, no one of us was first seriously thinking that this could stick for a while, but they (George, Jake (Kissena) [was it you?] and one more Py does not know) were keeping a good pace in a constant good team efford (about as good as it can be in a team time trial). But they knew, they would have 20 full laps to go...... a long way.
However, as three more GABs were in the main field (and two in this break, George, Py) they tried to control the field behind and pace them a bit down.
Py heard (he would love to get the GPS data for a rider in the main field, to calculate it) they had up to 20 seconds on them. With 12 laps top go they were still ahead, but a 2nd break formed and closed up.

This was good and bad the same time -- good, more time to recover, but the bunch (not sure how many they have been then) -- got kind of disorganized as several of the others seamed just to sneak on and badly disrupted and efficient rotation. This chaos bunch in front was now a big break, moving still fast, but wasting affords and less smooth. Py thinks also a few dropped back again. However, he had the feeling this needed more work than before for, at least it felt like.

And with 5 laps to go -- the rest of the field caught up. As Py got it, Jeff got sick of the bunch behind pacing slow and decided to pull in a long big move on his own the whole field in one single file pacing back up to the break.

At that point Py some how lost all motivation and just was sitting in to the end of the race.

The whole thing was fast -- see here for lap data and averages (25.2mph over all):

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