Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bear Hill (Mtn) Race -- Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fall Road Race

This Sunday Py went with his team, well, finally four instead of five Green Arm Bandits, to the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial -- also known as Bear Mountain -- Road Race.

Around 9:30 arrival at Lake Sebago, Bear Mountain. Plenty of time to get ready, have a sandwich and do a little warm up riding with the team mates Chris, Kris and Owen.


Getting the number 393 -- like it :-) And gathering with some big crowd at the staging area where two more fields were waiting to take off ahead. A slight delayed start around 12:10 for the CAT 4B field. Just a few minutes after the 4A... well, we will find out that this was not a sufficient time gap later.
The neutral start until first pass of finish line -- out of 4 laps -- went very easy and smooth, a nice and well behaved field, good control of speed before the U turn at end of downhill at up to 77km/h... Py stayed mostly all the time in top 5..10 either way.
A good steady climb, felt almost easy -- about the same effort 4 times, nothing went crazy. Also no issues with the bumpy road, again, Py stayed more or less in front and out of any troubles. A little speed on the rollers around the lake, the usual gaming, nobody wants really to work... at least a few pulls and share of work and then stalled sharing of work again...
At end of 1st lap we caught up on the 4A's (the younger kids kept it easy) -- they were made neutral as we passed this time.

Same game again 2nd lap.

Towards 3rd lap the 4A's came close to us this time, did not passed so -- but we were made neutral and forced to stop and wait 5..7 minutes to let all of them go by and far enough ahead... do not want that issue again on the final lap (every one disliked that, stragglers caught up... also the official was sorry and apologized -- but he did not had any options) -- the field started moving slowly again (good idea to prevent cramping -- like!).

Same games until last lap and climb, went fairly smooth up all the way, pushing at good fun pace over the rollers, Py helped pushing the pace over the bumpy part in very front and had fun...

A few more times in front and sharing work worked kind of OK on the rollers -- Py stayed almost all the way to the last turn into the short finish climb in top 3 spots :-)

At the final finish climb just a few passed up on Py (he got to the finish line in 15th place) on the finish climb, kind of not so super motivated putting in a not so big efford, do really know why -- may be because of the gray drizzly weather... GAB Chris was just behind me and made it up to the 11th I think -- nice job Chris!

Fun day and ride, well, race -- felt more like kind of nice good group ride ;-)

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