Saturday, September 25, 2010

RP2IPBP w 2 -- Cedar

Saturday -- back to the good old RP2IPBP route. Today morning, Py was about to find out how his really long gone SR-C11 cassette would do with the new chain -- it saw two chains and got a total of 6715 miles on! Well, the climb out of his house revealed instantly a slipping chain on some middle cog -- the biggest three still worked find, also the fastest 4 were still usable w/o slips. Alright, that figured our quickly, still some gears left top work with for today.
Just a few today, one took off else where... Two riders and Py left to go. A good fast move out east with the help of some tail/cross winds.
A nice day -- the trees just about to turn red and orange -- not yet there. Only it got pretty hot all sudden again today!


The return asked for a bit more work, but we made a decent time including two extra stops for water -- one left his water bottles behind home...

Back home, swapping the EC90SL race wheel's cassette on hoping this one to be still in good shape as this only saw some 1000 miles so far! ...refreshing a bit -- it to up to 32C --, eating a banana and filling up water, grabbing the camera and heading out again for Cedar Beach for some scouting out. It got about 1pm -- heavy traffic, annoying traffic and a few care less and not watching out drivers. Obviously a good time NOT to get there and leave the 4-wheeled battle men & women in gas burning stinking steel boxes by them selfs. Py got really up set today about them today.

However, some scenery check.



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