Sunday, September 19, 2010

Early Birds North -- always North...

Missing last Sunday's EBs ride in favor or the Bear Mountain race, this time again -- North.

The sun not yet really up as Py took for from home to the start at 6:32. About all the way to Manorville a slight chill though the whole system, not really getting warm -- no wind, that was good and comfy while stopped -- but at 20..22mph it felt cold. The first few low ray's of sun did not helped much -- but woke up the minds, it will get nice soon.


At Manorville some riders were already chatting and unloading bikes. A well sized group. Starting out right away with some decent pace. Feeln' alright, just taking it easy today. Few pulls, OK. And a little play and experimenting with "what's left in the tank" towards the end. Sorry guys, if I may caused some one hurt'n on 51... you can always just let me go -- you've been plenty of riders today.

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