Sunday, October 10, 2010

Early Birds South - Bbrrrr freezing cold start

Py was not sure this morning if he would get enough light to ride out to the start... but last minute at about 6:35am -- the early dawn gave was just enough light to get going. Putting on knee warmers and the wind breaking (at front only) long sleeved top layer should do it he thought -- 46F at his house looking alright. Rolling down to the main road a slight chill got into his extremities... cold ears for the first time signaled it been colder than thought -- well, getting into the TT tuck hiding from the wind and spinning along at good pace he though he should get warm. Not really, it felt getting worse with that wind chill moving fast... His feet slowly also felt a bit uncomfy. No sun yet, still below the horizon. Moving South, passing 25 it seamed even getting colder or with it just him feeling like?? -- wicked.


Reaching Grumman Blvd he slowed down his pace, shivering all over... but slower felt good. Absolutely gorgeous silence, no wind -- just freaking cold. The sun, well, just about horizontal hitting tree tops only. Looking forward to a warm up at the Golden Bow Place at the start....

He felt like it was freezing outside all sudden -- can that be? However -- made it to the start in time, about 13mins left to warm up. Nice warm air inside. Arms, fingers and toes toes coming slowly back into comfort zone.

The cause of all trouble -- a mere 33F at Manorville, no wonder. Gathering in a sunny spot...


Moving out quickly spinning at high rev... hoping to warm up soon. Moving with the group and hiding behind others most the time finally was just alright. Hitting the South and water near areal was nice, temps rose slowly up and getting just into the comfort zone. Nice move on Dune Rd, one bigger puddle slowed them down. Good push over the bridge. The usual procedure...

One flat stop shortly after the 7-11. Back at Manorville it just got nice.

Rolling home.

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