Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This year it was the 5th annual Tour Of Scenic Rural Eastern Connecticut. Fairly late start as the first ferry from Orient Point left at 7:30 instead of 7am. Just a small number of riders today -- 5 for the first part until the bagel stop...


From then on just John, Dan and Py proceeded for the most scenic and rural part of the ride up North. The weather was about the best they had all years -- could hardly have been any nicer.


Py also took some HD video footage, to be edited. So be sure to check back here again soon!
Flying over some rolling terrain, no wind, just gorgeous. Only a few "group" reassembly's after the climbs...


And this finally at 5 miles to go was totally unnecessary but shit happens and nothing Py could do about that moment, as he could not see it coming:
After a wait up Py just started riding on a side walk, John about a bike length in front -- heading into highlight (into the sun at about 4:30 towards the ferry) -- as he all sudden heard some banging as he rolled over some about 3 ft long steel U-shaped slight bend profile (It looked like a left over part from a road sign post). Py had no chance, could not see it, John went some how just around it -- the bad thing was this darn scrap metal popped up/got stuck to his front wheel and got caught in between the rim and fork and let Py go fly :-(

He was lucky landing/rolling over to his right on grass and did barley got hurt :-) However, that thing still stuck in to the bike hit his left hand/fingers and scraped off some skin a little ugly in multiple places -- but no worries. So far, bike/frame/fork seams physically OK, he finished the ride carefully. But frame and fork took a bunch of nasty big scrapes at the down tube, fork also the rim is a little scratched and brake runs not smooth on that spots. Guess he will have the shop have a look it, but Py is afraid of they can not say more than he can find. Seams he needs more paint.... see picture of the poor frame/fork, looks worse than he does :-(


Statistics -- missed the first 5 miles (last start of the timer):

And a late addition, finally finished editing job:

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