Saturday, October 30, 2010

RP2IPBP -- group "decay"

What was this today? A cool breezy morning around 8C, clear and sunny -- nice. Rolling off from Tildas at 8:02am. A new rider and a few usual suspects, we will see. Group of six. Moving out smoothly and picking up reasonable speed on the way -- with the help of some wind WNW turning to more SW later. The new rider looking good. Unexpectedly waited up for Dan and but lost him later again... seams not his day. Py was hoping for some more "support" today, but again did the major work... plus chasing after M&T after two delays, 1st wait for traffic split up + dump tractor + looong trailer pulling in front from left and blocking the road... However, arriving at IPBP together.

Nice in the sun on the wind sheltered side.


Return, more wind and work. Dan rejoining. M took a short pull South, Py took over -- so far everybody seamed together Py thought and kept moving into the element wind. At the turn into Middle Country he noticed the new guy was missing -- no body appeared to know about. Looking back and waiting for a moment -- he should be in sight by that time -- but was not. Must have been backtracking early... Nothing he could do that time. And again chasing after, as no one really waited or slowed... Passing the tracks to Riverhead on Mill/25 -- Py noticed some weird loud noise behind. M behind stopping at the turn. Diagnose: broken spoke as result of hitting or attempting to hop the tracks... Rear wheel badly out of true, even rubbing the frame, no spoke adjustments possible with these rims (inside the rim nipples+tubular) -- stuck and waiting for later pickup.

Now down to 4.

Py kept pulling... On Mill, Dan got behind again... down to 3 and finished this way. The new guy obviously made it back as his car was gone -- good.

Thanks to T & D for picking up M.

Py thought after that work it's fine to celebrate a little bit the "scary" season :-)


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