Saturday, January 01, 2011

Frist ride and 1st again -- Big Roads 2011

Happy New Year every body or cycling buddy!

Alright, now we got 2011, a pretty nice and warm day -- but all this dirty snow piles are still there -- "big roads" are the option.

Py decided last minute in the morning to give it a try, as there was this tempting B/B+ 30 miler first new years ride on the SBRA calendar. He wanted to take the old bike, but this still had these pretty much dead tires on, well, quick tire change and a new set of tires was in place after some work as those were popping on really hard -- he had a spare set of bright orange colored GP4000s sitting around.

Arriving just in time at Manorville...


first double flat (of 2011?) for Robbin just on the 1st mile...


And rolling along, Py stayed in the small ring all the time just to be safe and played as efficient as possible. Well, all worked out just fine! Good start into the new year -- thanks to ride leader and every one for showing up!



The Big Roads ride -- looks a bit like an runway layout...

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