Sunday, January 23, 2011

Returning to the roads -- a freezing but sunny day

A MRI scan of Py's knee was performed, he did not yet received the official report -- but he could not find anything major at the area of suspicion on his own...

This is the machine:



...and more, well -- if any one notices some thing abnormal, please let Py know...

...also after now almost 7 weeks since the injury he is feeling so much better. Yesterday's set of indoor trainer/computer based tests made him more and more confident it is coming along just fine. Py himself suspects an injury to one of the bands (IT, ...??!), what makes a lot of sense thinking about it. The unusual tilt freedom of the foot on the pedal platform most likely put an overload on one of these bands -- don't ask which one...
Still curious if they will eventually notice anything on the MRI scan -- if this doc would possible take some more time to understand the issue and it's cause Py would may be have some confidence, but the guy he went to so far did not, barely took any time. Good thing, Py got a hint for a different doc he will follow up with if necessary. All the cycling and FB networking friends are just awesome.

And still feeling great this morning he decided to combine a little work at the Camp with a test ride -- except it was -9C at 9am, brrrr, all was perfect. No need for a hurry, towards noon temperatures rose up a bit to -5C, not to bad at all. Good day to try out this new jacket! Gearing up, this is always a little tedious in winter, but the right gear helps a lot:
  • Toasty winter shoes, just a set of warm winter socks no booties needed!
  • Strategically padded and wind breaking long pants
  • Warm long sleeved base layer
  • And his new Fugu Jack... love this build in hoodie already!
  • And his still fairly thin wind breaking gloves, they were a bit at the edge today but worked out OK.

(actually getting ready to return home from work here)

vlcsnap-00034.jpg some snow turkey...

Getting out..

Some icy stuff, but only this one spot, else all was fine and dry.

The only other rider he saw today and some kids playing on the ice.

At lake Panamoka -- feeling good, taking the longer route for the return.

So far so good -- all in the small ring today, regaining some confidence into his keen again :-)
... and this new Fugu Jack is just amazing, the anatomic fit -- Py did not even noticed it while riding, the fleecy build in hoody (or face mask if you flip it out all the way, did not), plenty of storage options -- perfect climate just a base layer below!

Enjoy a little footage of the ride:

Here the ride stat of Py's easy slow moving ride:

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