Saturday, January 15, 2011

More snow on LI -- Blizzard #1 2011

January 11th, Tuesday night to Wednesday the second winter storm moved over LI -- #1 for 2011 -- and dropped an average of 18 inches of fairly heavy snow on us. In powder that may have been double that height!

Wind and heavy snow converted everything into a fantastic looking winter wonder land, almost like spray/snow painted!


As the storm settled down on Tuesday afternoon and roads got plowed Py could not resist to get out for an hour with friends to enjoy the winter wonder land in XC ski for very very easy -- he say "XC ski walk" in deep powder. The huge parking lot at SHS was not yet plowed and piles of snow were like barries. But luckily one section was already cleared, just perfect for us.


Starting just all the way across the deep snowed in parking lot... and entering the woods, a real fairy tale winter wonder land... making our way and first tracks.


finishing at dusk, the lights we took were just not really needed.

Just about fine for Py and his still rehabilitating knees to get a little moving. But the cold outside was just fine for them.

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